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Our lives revolve around data.

Data is everywhere. We see, we hear, we feel, we smell. Everything reaches our brain. The brain thinks and makes decisions. Yes. This is Data and its Analysis. Our brain has a big database. If our body is also using a database, it is not surprising that there is a database behind almost every application running on the computers. Every database needs maitainance. Fortunately, the database in our brain is well-maintained by the brain. But all other databases residing in computers need explicit maintenance by experts like us.
A simple, small chip in any electronic equipment collects 100s of MB data during its manufacturing process. Storing data in a database is not useful until it is utilized. Data holds tremendous power. It must be channeled correctly to maximize its usage. Feeding all this data to a correct data analysis tool and precise integration of that tool helps minimize yield loss and leads to maximum Return On Investment.
Not just semiconductor, every business in every field relies heavily on databases. Hotels, hospitals, construction companies, almost all production facilities, wholesalers, retailers, service providers,banks are using databases. Data from databases is generally fed to some kind of tool. With the help of the tools, a user can come to conclusions such as what are market trends, yields, losses, profits, stocks etc.
Whether its Tool Integration or Database problem, We have solutions!

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